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Huntly Early Childhood Education Centre 

Fun & Creativity

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Our Tamariki are given a wide range of art activities throughout the day, subject to what they find most interesting. Some of these activities include : Raranga harakeke,

boat making, painting, drawing, puzzles, and much more.

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We believe music is important for our tamariki, which is why we incorporate education into our songs such as ABC songs in both Māori and English, Waiata, kapa-hakas, as well as turning our songs into playful games to help our tamariki get more involved and remember the songs.

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Our tamariki are given a wide range of physical activities throughout the day to improve coordination, left/right brain development, and we believe it is important for children to have fun while learning along the way

ABC Cubes


We believe it is crucial for our tamariki to learn Māori as well as English, which we accomplish through story reading, singing, and open-ended questions. This allows our tamariki to become familiar with the language as well as practice it on a daily basis.

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We understand that mathematics and other subjects can be difficult which is why this is taught through fun activities that allow our tamariki to think of learning as a game.


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Outside Play

We believe it is important for our tamariki to have lots of outside play, which is why we have a wide variety of activities such as water play, bike riding, sandpit, and playground activities to keep our tamariki active and happy.

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