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The Team

Who We Are


Chelsea Wilson

Kaimanaaki/Assistant Teacher

Chelsea has been working in the Early Childhood Education sector for over 6 years, during this time Chelsea has gained a unique insight and developed valuable skills in teaching, guiding, and developing our tamariki by learning from our more seasoned Early Childhood Education staff at Moko Club Huntly. Chelsea always brings a calm and nurturing approach to the Moko Club, which creates an open and safe environment for our tamariki.


Qualified ECE Teacher

Patricia is a remarkable educator whose extensive experience and qualifications make her an invaluable asset to Moko Club Huntly. With a background in early childhood education and teaching support, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom. Patricia's passion for creating engaging and developmentally appropriate learning experiences, combined with her strong interpersonal skills, fosters a nurturing and inclusive environment where children thrive. Her dedication to ongoing professional development and her ability to adapt to different teaching environments ensure that she provides the highest quality education and care for the children at Moko Club Huntly.



 Assistant  Teacher

Gwenda is a cherished member of the Moko Club Huntly team, having dedicated nearly a year of her expertise and passion to Moko Club. With a wealth of experience in early childhood education spanning many years, Gwenda's reliability and unwavering dedication to her role shine through in all she does. Her vibrant and bubbly personality not only brings a sense of joy and enthusiasm to the classroom but also fosters strong connections with the children. As a local within the community, Gwenda's deep understanding and familiarity with the area and its families further contribute to the inclusive and supportive environment she creates at Moko Club Huntly.



Van Driver

Charles is a highly experienced and respected Van Driver at Moko Club Huntly. With five years of dedicated service, he plays a vital role in ensuring the safe transportation of children to and from the kindergarten. Charles is well-known and admired in the local community for his commitment and reliability. His passion for working at Moko Club Huntly shines through in his interactions with both children and parents.

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