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Huntly Kindergarten: Discover the Excellence of Moko Club Huntly Early Childhood Centre

Welcome to Huntly! Here, we have a special place for your child. It's called Moko Club Huntly, and it's more than just a kindergarten. It's an Early Childhood Education Centre where children learn, play, and grow.

Why Early Learning Matters

Early learning helps children feel confident and curious. It helps them do better when they go to school. Here's why it's so important:

  • Learning Everywhere: Children learn through everything they do and everywhere they go.

  • Making Friends: Early learning helps children make friends, share, and work together.

  • Doing Better at School: It helps children do better when they go to school.

  • Learning for Life: It helps children become life-long learners.

The Value of Early Learning at Moko Club Huntly

At Moko Club Huntly, we build on the learning your child is already doing. We help them learn important skills for a strong, happy, and successful life.

Getting on with Others

  • Making Friends: Learning to share, take turns, and cooperate.

  • Listening and Talking: Learning to listen to others and share their own ideas.

  • Being Independent: Learning to take care of themselves and others.

Doing Better at School

  • Being Confident: Learning to manage challenges and keep trying.

  • Settling at School: Learning to settle more easily at school.

  • Loving Learning: Talking, singing, painting, dancing, playing with numbers, and building things help children love learning.

Involving the Whole Family

  • Family Fun: Early learning is fun for the whole family.

  • Helping Children Grow: We support families to help children learn and grow.

  • Benefits for Everyone: The good things spread to the whole family and community.

Our Curriculum: Path to Success

  • Play-Based Learning: Children learn through play at their own pace.

  • Māori Culture: We teach about New Zealand's heritage.

  • Community and Family: We work with families to make a loving community.

  • Nature and Science: We teach about nature, math, and science.

What Makes Us Special

We're more than just a kindergarten. We're an Early Childhood Centre. We offer 20 Free ECE Hours for children aged 3-5. We focus on love and learning.

Conclusion: Your Child's Bright Future Starts Here

Choosing the right place for your child is a big decision. Moko Club Huntly is a special place for learning, care, and fun. Our team and our way of teaching make us the best Early Childhood Centre in Huntly.

Join us today and take the first step for your child's bright future.

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