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Your Preferred Huntly Early Childhood Education Centre - Moko Club

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

At Moko Club Huntly, we place every child's unique journey at the heart of everything we do. As a standout Huntly Early Childhood Education Centre, we are more than just a Huntly kindergarten or Huntly childcare service. We are a passionate community of educators nurturing young minds and paving the way for their future successes.

Moko Club Huntly's Exciting Offer: Three Months Free Enrollment and Free Pickups

We make the first steps of your child's educational journey as comfortable and effortless as possible. With an enticing offer of three months of free enrollment and free pickups all year round, Moko Club stands above the rest in providing accessible and affordable Huntly childcare. Click HERE To Claim 3 Months FREE!

Nurturing Through Play - Moko Club's Core Philosophy.

At Moko Club, play isn't just a pastime; it's the primary tool for learning. Our Huntly Early Childhood Education Centre's daily program is designed around play, fostering a love for exploration and discovery in our tamariki.

Engaging Arts & Crafts at Your Huntly Kindergarten

Our Early Childhood Education Centre's Arts & Crafts program encourages children to express themselves creatively through painting, cutting activities, collages, and simple projects.

Harmonious Learning Through Music & Movement

Incorporating elements of Waiata and cultural experiences, our Music & Movement program harmonizes education with fun, making us the top choice for Huntly kindergarten/ECE services.

Active Play for Holistic Development

Physical activities are central to our curriculum at Moko Club Huntly, promoting left/right brain development and coordination while ensuring learning is fun filled.

Embracing Bilingual Competence During Mat Time

We strongly believe in promoting bilingualism. Our tamariki learn English and Māori through reading, singing, and interactive discussions during Mat Time.

Enhancing Skills through Manipulative Construction

Manipulative Construction activities at our Huntly Early Childhood Education Centre offer creative and problem-solving experiences that lay the groundwork for academic success.

Stimulating Imagination with Imaginative Play

Our Huntly childcare promotes imaginative play, nurturing cognitive and emotional development through activities such as dress up and pretend play experiences.

Smooth Transition to School - A Prime Focus at Moko Club Huntly

Ensuring a seamless Transition to School, our Huntly Early Childhood Education Centre offers pre-writing experiences and activities designed to develop concentration skills and fine motor abilities. At Moko Club, we strive to provide a welcoming environment for your tamariki to grow, learn and thrive. As a leading Huntly Early Childhood Education Centre, we are proud to make a positive impact in your child's life. Join us and see the difference we make! Click HERE To Sign Up Today!

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